Painting and decorating the Royal Court Theatre in Sloane Square

We have just finished decorating the facade of the Royal Court Theatre. Brilliant experience, very proud to be part of it. The guys around the theatre are amazing, great atmosphere! And of course I’m sure no other painters and decorators in london would do better job. We colour matched the building next door and the finish is very nice. We did some vinyl signs as well thanks to Jason at Giraffe press.


Window restoration

Get your windows, doors restored. If you don’t have the money to spend on a new window right now get it restored to last for an other three years to come. Our expert painters and decorators in London are here to help.

Good time to think about wooden floor sanding, varnishing, restoration!

See our website for more info and some more pictures of recent projects.




Creating a perfect ceiling

We love history and old houses we said that before. I love old houses for several reasons but there is one that has always been catching my attention: their beautifully detailed ceilings!

We have just carried out a full renovation, painting and decorating in south west London. The ceiling of this Edwardian property in Streatham looked rather tired, cracked beneath the old wallpaper quite likely caused by the bombing of London in the second world war.

If the ceiling is only uneven with minor cracks I always suggest to fill the cracks with easyfill and then a skim coat after drying . In this case I have chosen a more time consuming but much safer solution.

We hang 1700 grade lining paper in the direction of the light (from the window) then cross-lined it with the same type of lining paper. Of course we still had to fill the cracks before papering just to make sure we get a nice smooth finish.

This double layer of good quality paper left us with a perfectly even, smooth ceiling which we painted and decorated with high opacity emulsion.


Restoration is a beautiful thing. Not just because you are preserving an antique piece against further deterioration but also because all jobs are different and sometimes quite challenging.

We have found the solution for the problem in this Victorian house in south west London. The main post of the porch had a bad dry rot about 4 inches from the bottom.

We have installed temporary shoring to support loads on the porch posts from the porch roof.

After identifying the depth of the rotted base the damaged area  was removed by sawing all the way through the post at the height of the mark we previously made.

Then we measured 60mm from the bottom and cut around in 25mm depth then chiseled it out to create an interior sliding piece. This was the thickness of the splice sleeve which we then constructed. We used 25mm x145mm untreated oak timber.

With all the pieces cut to size, numbered and ready to assemble you know you are over the hard part of the job. There is a lot of different fixings you can use. In this case we used stainless steel screws and resin.

Install the beading to match the other porch post of this beautiful, historic building.

All you got left to do is sand, prime and paint!

Painting and decorating the post is the last task we have done to match the porch.

Thanks for reading.

Warehouse in Twickenham

Here we are again with a brand new thing. We have always been concentrating on painting and decorating london residential houses but recently we had a lot of requests for commercial works. Here in this warehouse we have built fireproof walls using metal stud and track system. Something we have never done before.
The end results are fantastic! Here I attach some pictures. Will be in touch soon with some more details

Painters and decorators London

You have probably noticed that this year is just flying by. The winter’s almost gone

Our painters and decorators are working in south west London at the moment. We got some major projects lined up. Some of them are more commercial than the other which is good, we all going to have to develop new skills there. Totally different experience from what we’re used to.

Can’t say any more than this, but I promise I will keep you all posted!


Mouldy walls treatment


On this post I would like some comments from painters and decorators in London, just to see how they would have dealt with this job. As it happened a water leak from the bathroom above soaked the walls for two days without the residents being aware of it. Behind the old plaster lath walls the timber was so wet the mould started to grow and came through then spread underneath the

wallpaper. We begin to remove the wallpaper. Cut it all around the corners and under the picture rail, then steamed the paper off. No chemicals had been used.

The plaster had several cracks on it so when we opened them up we saw the timber frame was skimmed over without metal mesh. The wood expanded because of the water so it started to ”kick the plaster off”. Once the cracks are open the old plaster needed to be chiselled out to make room for the metal mesh. After all these preparation we applied mould control steriliser very generously on the timber and walls as well.

Once all mesh was on, all dust and rubble cleared away,diluted PVA has been applied to  the surfaces otherwise the new plaster would crack!

The first (bonding) coat was then applied, starting on the edges,

pressing it firmly in with a 3” spatula then fill the wholes up with a trowel to make sure they are in level with the rest of the wall. Rough the surfaces before they dry so the second coat bonds better!

Usually the case is that you have your walls re-skimmed after this stage but here the wall was absolutely fine, it has been plastered recently so all we had to do is blending in our patches. With some great skills, like our central London painters and decorators, you can save lots of time and money by doing this instead of having the whole wall re plastered. When the bonding has fully set one coat of multi finish has been applied. If you notice any of the bonding coat is hanging further out than the wall level ( you can check this by sliding a spirit level or straight edge over the patches) just remove the excess with a scraper.

When it all dries, you should be able to move your hand over the patches – with your eyes closed – without noticing any unevenness. For the next step I prefer to get a mixture of white Emulsion paint and water about 50:50 and roll it on the wall. This provides a key to the wall paint to stick to but also shows any scratches and imperfections that need filling.

After this we were winners! Using a large sanding pad with the pole the whole wall was quickly rubbed with a P100 sandpaper to achieve  a super smoothness (10 minute job on a wall like this).

On the next photos you’ll see the completed job, two coats of durable matt were applied for a great finish!

If you have any enquires please get in touch, our painters and decorators London are here to help.

A New Year with the New look!

With a year nearly behind us, when all the Christmas decoration disappears somehow we feel a little bit empty in our home.

This is the time when I personally can see my house in a way I never see in any other time of the year. Sit down on the sofa, feet up, cup of coffee and look around.

As a painter and decorator I can just imagine the room where I sit being completely bare and empty. No floor just four walls

An other sip of my coffee and re-design…

I am sure many of you buy those home-design-decorate magazines where they tell you ten possible ways to create a nice looking home.

I tell you this. There is no need for that. You live in your own home, you should dream it the way it is, you should make it become the dream home to your own taste. Just use your imagination!

With professional painters and decorators in London we can make it a little bit easier of course. Example:

White ceilings? Don’t cling on to them, there is so much more to them. Like having a light colour of your favour all around the room and going crazy on the largest wall making it a feature of the room. For example special paint effect,  like the shabby chick or a rustic look

Kitchen? You don’t necessarily have to match the wall colours and kitchen units, why not going wild with colours, kicking off all  traditional ways?

Wallpaper? Don’t try to make them look better with some DIY paint tricks, get rid of them! Professional paint finishes will make you feel much more confident and your home more attractive to you than ever before

Stained carpets covering your wooden floor? Don’t call the carpet cleaner. In the long run you’re better off getting the wooden floor restored underneath. Not only attractive, more hygienic and comfortable but a well made wooden floor will last longer than any carpet has to offer.

These are only little things I brought up here and I know they won’t work in every home because we all like things being a little different!

If there is anything you can’t manage yourself, our painters and decorators in London are here to help

The only difference I make compare to other floor fitters or painters and decorators in London is a simple combination of my personality and our can-do attitude as a team

Get it done before the winter?!

”Well it’s probably too late anyway…”

That’s what people say when they call us to ”can you do something with that front window?”

Believe or not there was only one case in the past three years when I said it’s not worth restoring, get a new window. In most cases our painters and decorators can restore even the most miserable looking exterior woodwork. And as long as there is less than half of the structure is decayed, it’s worth doing. Especially in cases where we go around central London, looking at all those beautiful Victorian houses, I would do anything to save an original window on them. Some tradesman would just recommend the installation of a nice-new-double-glazed-plastic-no character window. No that’s not me

I much prefer to preserve things, restoration is my life, and well yes those old windows are much colder and don’t go up and down always perfectly smooth, but hey how beautiful they can be?!

Painting and decorating this window in a south west London home is a typical example of an ”Are we still on time?”

So in conclusion, let me say this: As soon as you realise the exterior wood might need some attention, let us know. An advice and a chat doesn’t cost anything and we usually get there on time



Welcome to Curzon Decor!

This blog has been created to gain access to one of London’s highest quality specialist painters and decorators at Curzon Decor. Here you will read about new products we try, old tricks in different ways, tradition unchanged and of course the most important details! Our painters and decorators know exactly that’s where beauty is hidden. Right in the corners in the tiniest details

Not only in central London, in fact the south west London area where the next two posts got their inspiration from

We are here to share our experiences with other specialist painters and decorators, and to allow our customers to see what we really do in details. I will try to describe each process as good as humanly possible

So please read on, your comments and views are more than welcomed!

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